Thursday, 7 February 2013

Initial Jewellery

Recently I have found myself becoming obsessed with initial jewellery. I may sound as if I'm hitting this trend late, as one of the items I have pictured above was reduced to £1 in the sale, but its a trend I've actually dismissed before now. 
A few years ago I had my very own 'Carrie' necklace that I adored and wore to death - until it broke! Since that horrible day (I loved that necklace!) I've ignored all initial jewellery feeling it was very overdone... that is until Kim Kardashian posted a photo on her instagram wearing Kanye's initial in her ear. It was instant love for the cute little 'K' in Kim's ear and ever since I've been on the hunt for something similar in my own initial! 

What does everyone else think? Would you wear your own initial or maybe someone else's?