Friday, 12 April 2013

Everyday Make up Routine

Dr. Jart Regenerating BB Cream
I started using this in November of last year, and I have almost finished the whole tube. This NEVER happens, I get bored easily with face make up and always move on heartlessly to the next product. Dr. Jart has however stayed a staple in my make up bag which speaks for itself!
At £22, it isn't the cheapest BB Cream option on the high street, and it doesn't have a colour range per say, it just has a few different types of the product.
I went for was the Regenerating formula after a few minutes of agonising in the skincare aisle in Boots, it claims to cover blemishes and redness which is my main concern when I look for a new foundation. I do however prefer a lighter finish on my skin so this seemed the perfect combination for me.
Having used it for 6ish months I can say that I love it for during the day, it's incredibly moisturising and lasts a full day which is always a plus! The finish is sheer and dewy so if you prefer a higher coverage and have oiler skin maybe this isn't for you, I suffer from dreaded dry skin so this is a good day time foundation for me.

Dainty Doll Concealer
I've only just started using this - I believe the Dainty Doll range has discontinued as I haven't seen it in my local boots for a while. I actually picked this up from a make up stall in the weekly high street market, I always stop and have a look at what they are selling, it normally ranges from discontinued lines at a discounted price. They had quite a bit from the DD range, but I only came away with the concealer for £2! The consistency and coverage makes me sad that this line has stopped as it's a dream match for me, I always find concealer too orangey as I'm quite (who am I kidding I'm super..) pale. The concealer is really creamy and blends well, I might have to pick up a couple more if I see them again!

Benefit Powderflage
I use this daily to set my concealer, it's a fine light diffusing powder that you sweep under the eyes to stop creasing. I have to have quite a light hand when using this as it can make your concealer seem really light and powdery looking, it does work well for concealer that moves or creases during the day though and I would be lost without it.

Mac Omega eyeshadow
This is by far my favourite eyebrow product, I use Omega on a Mac 208 angled brush to fill in any gaps and define the ends my eyebrows. Initially I felt the powder was too light, but it's such a versatile product, I have fairly dark eyebrows and it matches them perfectly.

ByTerry Growth Boosting mascara
I bought this in Space NK recently and I love it, I haven't been using it enough to comment on any lash 'growth' - has anyone noticed a difference in using a mascara that claims to help with lash growth? The wand is bristle which I prefer, I always find plastic wands hurt the roots of my eyelashes! It is an expensive mascara, at £31.50 - I always find these prices fairly steep, but I do prefer higher end mascaras so what's a girl to do!!

Rimmel Stay Matte powder
Ahh, the infamous Stay Matte powder, I bought this as I was looking for a powder that lasted longer than an hour on my T-zone, and on Tanya Burr's recommendation of course - lets face it we all trust her opinion on brands! I have to say it really doesn't disappoint, I was all ready to repurchase Mac Mineralise skin finish - I even had it in the basket online but decided to try Stay Matte instead. I think it's just as good Mac's Mineralise skin finish, it blends well, has nice coverage and it's actually pretty something that I can use on my skin instead of full make up on a lazy day.

Benefit Powderazzi
This little blush trio is something I had as a christmas present from about two years ago, I hadn't tried any of Benefits blushes and felt this was a good way to try a few without buying the full product. On a day to day I will use Dallas - a bronzer with a pink tones to add warmth to the cheeks. In the mornings I'm all about products that require less effort, this feels like a blush/bronzer duo for me and I find myself reaching for it on a regular basis.

Loreal Lumi Magique
This is essentially a YLS Touche Eclat dupe, it's a highlighting pen and I tend to use it in the inner corners of my eyes, brow bone, the bridge of my nose and my cupids bow! I like how light and natural product is, I love a good highlighter but during the day I don't always want to rock the Edward Cullen disco ball face (does anyone Holly?!) and I've found this gives my skin a super natural finish.

Mac Teddy eyeliner
Oh. My. This pencil may be my favourite ever, EVER. I love it, it has amazing staying power and doesn't budge during the day, and the actual colour of it is beautiful! Teddy is a dark brown pencil with bronze and gold flecks running through it, it has a lovely subtle shimmer that isn't too heavy looking for during the day, without doubt it's the one eyeliner I've used continuously for the last twoish months.

Une Skin Glow eyeliner
Skin coloured eye pencil, easy enough to find on the high street right? Wrong! I struggled for ages to find a pencil that wasn't white for lining my tideline. I suffer from redness if I have a late night, so I was eager to find a pencil that would cancel out the redness and brighten up my eye area. I'll be honest Une is a brand I often walk straight past, but they actually had a good range of different skin shades, so if you are looking for a Mac chromagraphic pencil dupe then check out Une!

Laura Mercier Hydrating primer
I'm only just starting to reach the end of this primer, I'll defiantly have to repurchase as it's the only primer I've used that doesn't have that silicone like texture, it's more like a moisturiser and I feel it sinks into my skin nicely, my make up never budges when I use this before applying foundation. It is however on the more expensive side - why is it that all of your expensive make up runs out at the same time, am I the only person that finds this happens?!


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